How to Detect and Delete Broken Bookmarks From Your Browser using AM Deadlink

Browser bookmarks are great, you can save the address of any web page in your bookmarks menu and can later open the web page with just a click. The  only problem with browser bookmarks is that with time, your bookmarks toolbar becomes populated with lots of unnecessary links. May be you don’t use all those links anymore or you have forgotten what the link is all about.

A good way to organize browser bookmarks is to use folders and subfolders, you can place these folders on the bookmarks toolbar and quickly load a bookmark without having to hunt down from the long list of bookmarks on bookmarks menu (favorites menu in case of Internet Explorer).

Another advantage of using folders is that you can categorize different bookmarks according to type and create “groups” which helps in quick navigation and search.

If you want to declutter your bookmarks toolbar and get rid of broken links, AM Deadlink is a freeware tool which will be useful. The application can detect dead and duplicate links from your browser’s bookmarks menu. The application is portable and supports Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera , Google chrome and Netscape.

Once the application is installed, select the browser from the pull down menu and hit “Check”. You will get a list of all the bookmarks with their URL’s and the status of the links. If there are broken or dead links, you can simply delete them from the application’s interface. Am Deadlink also shown the absolute path of a link and the path where the address is redirecting.

The good thing about AM Deadlink is that it lets you export the Name, URL, absolute path and the folder of all your bookmarks to a CSV file. This will be useful, if you want to know all the URL’s contained in a specific folder on your bookmarks toolbar. There is a sleek “Duplicate button”, clicking which sorts out all the duplicate links from the browser’s  bookmarks menu.

You can also import URL’s from a CSV file and check the status of the links or download the favicon of a bookmark using Am Deadlink. All in all, if you have messed your bookmarks menu with lots of duplicate or dead links, AM Deadlink saves the day!

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