Delete Old Tweets Automatically Using TweetDelete

Twitter became the number one social networking website in the world. We will be in touch with everyone using Twitter and we would have tweeted many tweets till data. Some of them may be out of context for present days. Suppose, if you think there are some tweets which are not needed at all and you want to delete them permanently from your account, twitter does not have any feature of deleting tweets in bulk. Twitter does not even allow to delete old tweets from our profile.


I came across this problem recently when I want to delete my old tweets and came to know about the “TweetDelete”. So, we know how to delete old tweets from Twitter using TweetDelete.

How to Delete Old Tweets from Twitter Automatically?

Go to the TweetDelete home page.

On the website, check the box “I have read and agree to the TweetDelete terms”.

Click on “Sign in with Twitter” button.

Give credentials for your Twitter Account and click on “Authorize App”. This allows TweetDelete to access your Twitter account.

This reads your tweets on your timeline and your password and other messages are not accessed by TweetDelete.

Next step is to set the time to delete tweets automatically which are older than the specified time.

Delete tweets automatically

Go for “Activate TweetDelete” button.

Done! You will be notified regarding deletion of tweets and you will get the message after tweets deletion. It takes some time based on number of tweets.

Confirmation of deletion of tweets

Once cross check by visiting your Twitter profile and old tweets before the specified time are not available now.


Tweets once deleted using TweetDelete are not recoverable. So, it is advisable to take backup of your tweets before deleting them.

Have you ever thought of deleting your old tweets? Try TweetDelete and please do share your feedback with us through comments.


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