How to Delete Selected Browsing History in iOS’ Safari

iOS is the finest mobile platform out there. iOS is popular because of stability and awesome performance. People opt for iOS as it comes with lots of awesome apps and games. The in-built features of iOS are another plus point to choose iOS over any other platform. People often look for built-in apps and iOS is perfect for them. Apple recently started launching Beta version frequently and the iOS 9.3 beta comes with a plenty of new features those are really very useful for all kind of people. On the other hand, the security is another plus point of iOS.

However, when it comes to browser, iOS doesn’t need any other third party browser as it has Apple Safari. Apple Safari is probably the best web browser for iOS and Mac and this is being used by millions of iOS users. If you are using Safari, you know how good it is. In terms of features and stability, iOS comes first.

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Safari has pretty good number of features. The most interesting thing is you can use it according to your wish. The security is yet another thing what you should check before staring using a browser and when you are using Safari, you do not have to think of this.

Some people often delete browsing history after finishing the browsing. This is a good practice as you never know who will use your mobile and check your browsing history. Instead of let other know about your browsing history, you can simply delete them. There are two different options to delete browsing history in Safari for iOS.

First, you can delete browsing history by time and in bulk. For instance, you can delete all browsing history by The last hour, Today, Today and yesterday and all time. These are the options available right now in Apple Safari for iOS.

Second, However, what if you want to delete selected browsing history in iOS’ Safari? Can you do that? Of course, you can. This is certainly possible to delete particular browsing history in iOS’ Safari.

Sometime we want to delete particular history instead of all the history. Suppose, you have browsed some regular sites as well as some confidential sites that you want to hide from others. At such moments, you can easily follow this guide.

Delete Selected Browsing History in iOS’ Safari

This is very easy and not much time consuming. In fact, this is easier than the first method or method to delete all the history at once. To delete selected browsing history in iOS’ Safari, open the browsing history page on iOS device. Therefore, swipe from right to left that you want to delete.

How to Delete Selected Browsing History in iOS’ Safari

That’s it! Hope this little tutorial will help you a lot.

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