Digits – A Next Generation Sign Up Process by Twitter

Undoubtedly, Twitter is a great social networking website and a micro-blogging platform. Twitter has been developing several apps and features since past couple of years. On 22nd October 2014, they have launched such a great development kit, that will let mobile developers do everything. This new product is known as Fabric.

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Fabric is mobile app development platform and Twitter APIs will be integrated into all the developed apps. Mobile app developers will get a huge advantage like users interaction details, ad management, content and a brand new sign in kit. The most remarkable development of Twitter, Digits, is a part of Fabric.

Where does Digits excel?

This “Digits” can integrate a sign up interface into any app. But you do not have to enter any email ID or Username and password to get signed up. This next generation sign up kit requires your mobile number and a verification code to be signed up.

Nowadays, almost 80% apps and websites require sign up to get more features. Obviously, this is a headache for users to remember all the username and password for each app and website. Obviously, you can use a third party password manager app but sometime you may fall in trouble for passwords. That is where Digits comes in.

At the Twitter’s event, they have announced Fabric and the main part of Fabric, Digits. You can get Digits in all countries across the globe since there is such carrier restriction. To sign up using Digits, you just need to select your country code and enter your mobile number.

Digits – A Next Generation Sign Up Process by TwitterDigits – A Next Generation Sign Up Process by Twitter

After that, you will receive a SMS that contains the confirmation code. This is as simple as said. There won’t be any email or anything else. This whole procedure will be more secure than email. On the other hand, this Twitter Kit will help you to receive less junk promotional emails, which are generally sent by various websites and app developers.

If you are a newbie developer and want to integrate Digits in your app or website, you should not be an expert in coding. According to Twitter, this is very easy and not yet much time consuming. Anybody can add Digits by writing a few lines of code.

As of now, Twitter has not given the Fabric access to anybody. This is still under development and will be launched for everyone very soon. You can enlist your name by going official Fabric website.

So, this is Digits. Can it really change the native sign up procedure?


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