How to Disable App Installation and Deletion in iOS

iOS is a feature-rich mobile platform for all types of people. Those who want more stability and better performance than other mobile platforms, can easily opt for iOS. Although, iOS is bit expensive than Android or Windows Phone, but features wise, this is awesome and much better than Windows Phone. Alike Android, iOS has some awesome in-built tools, apps and features what make this smart OS even smarter.

Sometime, our kids and other people use our iOS device. No matter whether it is iPad or iPhone but you have to give it to your kid or friend, if he/she is asking for that. When you are handing over your iOS device to your kid or friends, you are disclosing many things. He/she can do anything with your device. Although, there are so many things you can do with the help of software and in-built features, but here is only one thing that you should enable when you are giving it to your kid or friends.

Disable App Installation and Deletion in iOS

iOS has a feature that will let you disable app install installation, deletion and in-app purchases. These three things are really awesome. When someone gets a mobile, he/she wants to use that according to his/her wish. To accomplish that, he/she can do anything. Some friends are like that. You can get your app deleted, some unwanted app installed etc. The most dangerous thing is they can purchase credits or points for any game from App Store and you will have to pay the cost.

To get rid of all those things, here is a simple solution. As mentioned before, iOS has an option that will let you disable app installation and deletion in iOS. At the same time, you can also disable in-app purchases in iOS.

Disable App Installation and Deletion in iOS

This is very easy and not much time consuming. As this is an in-built feature, you do not have to install any third party software as well. This is obviously a plus point of this trick. Anyway, at first, go to Settings and find out General. Scroll down to find out Restrictions menu. Now, you have to enter your passcode.

Following that, you will get some options to manage iBooks Store, Podcasts, News and more. Here you can find three options like Installing Apps, Deleting Apps and In-App Purchases. By default, they should be disabled. You can toggle the button to enable them.

Disable installing deleting apps in iOS

That’s it! You have done. Now, nobody can install and uninstall any app from your mobile. Hope this tiny tutorial will help you a lot.


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