How to Disable Auto Correction in Android Marshmallow

Android does not require any introduction as this is probably the best mobile platform out there and it is being used widely by millions of people. Every year, Google launches a new update to bring new features for Android users. Currently, Android Marshmallow is running and can get some really useful features to do something faster. For example, you can get Doze mode, Do not Disturb and more.

One thing of Android is very popular. That is, you can use various keyboard. For example, if you want English, you can use Google keyboard – English (US) or UK or IN etc. On the other hand, if you want to use any other language, you can choose that according to your wish.

Android Robot with Mouse

No matter what keyboard you choose, you will get one common feature and that is Auto Correction. Auto correction helps users to correct your misspelled word automatically. For instance, if you have written something wrong, your keyboard will detect and change with nearest word automatically. In other words, suppose, you have written Andriod. As this is a wrong word, your keyboard will change it to Android automatically when you will use spacebar or full stop.

It has an advantage as well as disadvantage. Advantage is you can easily get all the correct words even when you have written it wrong. It helps to be more professional. On the other hand, the disadvantage is, nowadays, everyone uses one alphabets to write another language. For example, in India, some people use English alphabets to write Hindi or Tamil or Punjabi etc. At such moment, Android keyboard cannot detect the actual word and hence, it shows the red underline.

Therefore, if you are doing such chat and want to disable Auto-Correction in Android, here you go. Previously, there was some different option to turn of auto-correction in Android. However, there is a little change in Android Marshmallow.

Disable Auto Correction in Android Marshmallow

This is very easy and not much time consuming. You can easily turn off auto correction in Android Marshmallow for any keyboard. To get started, at first, open your stock Settings app and go to Language & Input. Here you can find your currently used keyboard name. Tap on that.

Google Keyboard settings in android

For example, the above example shows that Google Keyboard – English (US) is being used. So, the user needs to tap on that.

After that, you will get some options like Preferences, Advanced, Gesture Typing etc. Do select Text correction.

Text Correction in Android keyboard

Now, you can find another option called Auto-Correction. Just tap on the toggle button.

Turn off Auto Correction in Android

That’s it! Hope you are done now.


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