How To Disable Autoplay Videos In Chrome And Firefox

Whenever we open some websites, we come across videos playing automatically. These autoplay videos are irritating and annoying. We need to manually go to that video and pause it or stop playing it. These video are being played with the help of flash player and we can disable autoplay videos by controlling the flash player.

How To Disable Autoplay Videos In Chrome And Firefox
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How To Disable Autoplay Videos In Chrome And Firefox

Thanks to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers for providing us options to disable autoplay videos. Follow these simple steps separately for Chrome and Firefox.

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In Google Chrome

1. On the top right side, click on the menu icon and then click on “Settings”.

Settings in Google Chrome

2. Click on “Show Advance Settings” which is visible when you scroll down the page.

3. Scroll down the page further and you will come across “Content Settings” button under Privacy Section.

4. You will get a dialog box and in “Plug-ins” section, select the “Click to play” option and click “Done” and your job is done.

Click to play

Now, when you open any website with autoplay videos, a grey coloured box is shown. If you want to play the video, click on the icon in the middle and then the video starts playing.

In Mozilla Firefox

1. Go to the address bar and type “about:addons”.

2. On the left hand side pane, click “Plugins”.

3. Scroll down to see the option “Shockwave Flash”.

4. In Shock wave Flash option, you can see “Always Activate” drop down. Click on it and select the option “Ask to Activate” and your job is done.

Disable Autoplay videos  in Mozilla

From now on, when you open any website with autoplay videos, you will be shown a box with the logo of Adobe Flash. Two options like Continue Blocking and Allow are shown on top of the box.

Clicking on Allow will give you two options as Allow Now and Allow and Remember. If you want to play that video, click on Allow Now.

Bottom Line

These are the simple steps to disable autoplay videos in both Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. If you are one among the many feeling annoyed about videos playing automatically in websites, then feel relaxed with this tip. Please, do share what you think about this tip with us through comments.


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