How to Disable Chrome Desktop Push Notification

Google Chrome is a very feature rich web browser that comes with loads of options and functions so that users get most out of the internet browser. Google Chrome is popular because of many reasons including speed, reliability, bandwidth consumption, etc. However, Google Chrome has yet another useful feature called Push Notification. Suppose, you often visit some news websites, and you want to read all the latest articles published on those sites. There are many ways to read all the latest updates. First, you can visit those sites frequently. Second, you can subscribe to the newsletter. Third, you can enable push notification for those websites to get a notification whenever they publish a post.

Sometimes, this is okay to use Chrome desktop push notification. However, at times, it becomes irritating. News sites post articles very often. Therefore, you will keep getting notifications on your screen. No matter, whether you are doing something in Google Chrome or not, but you will keep getting notifications on your desktop. At the same time, this is useful for them, who want to read each and every article published on a news site.

If you think the desktop push notification feature of Google Chrome is not for you and you want to disable it, here is a solution. You do not have to install any third party app or extension. The preset options could disable Chrome desktop push notification within moments.

Disable Chrome Desktop Push Notification

At first, open Google Chrome and go to Settings. Settings can be found in the list if you click on the three horizontal lines that are visible on your top right corner of your browser. This is also known as Options. Following that, click on the Show advanced settings button.

Under the Privacy tab, you can find Content settings. Now, you should get a popup, where you can find Notifications settings.

Notification settings in Google Chrome

By default, it should be set to Ask when a site wants to show notifications (recommended). However, there are two more options i.e. Allow all sites to show notifications and Do not allow any site to show notifications. If you want to disable the push notification entirely, just select the option called Do not allow any site to show notifications. However, if you want to remove the sites that you have already allowed, click on Manage Exceptions button.

Disable Chrome Desktop Push Notification

After that, select the site that you want to block and click on the cross button on the right side.

That’s it! Now, the site will be removed from the list immediately.


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