How to Disable Cortana on Lock Screen in Windows 10

Cortana is one of the best voice command enabled virtual and digital assistants that is included in Windows 10 PC. It has been into the system since the Windows 10 launch. Although Microsoft designed the Cortana for Windows Phone earlier, yet, they have successfully integrated Cortana into Windows 10 PC so that users can do more and get more out of their regular Windows 10 computer. In simple words, Cortana is perfectly integrated into Windows 10.

However, Cortana can unfasten your security and confidential documents right from the lock screen of Windows 10 computer. With the Anniversary Update of Windows 10, Microsoft has included few couple of features those should not be in Windows 10 when it comes to high rated security or protection or privacy. Users would be able to use Cortana on the lock screen or log on the screen using the voice command called “Hey Cortana.” That will certainly not a good feature.

Microsoft included such option to help users as much as possible, and the user can check different things right from the lock screen. However, on the other hand, the disadvantage seems bigger than the advantage. Therefore, if you are concerned about your security while using Windows 10, this is obviously a good choice to disable Cortana on the lock screen in Windows 10.

Disable Cortana on Lock Screen in Windows 10

This is very easy and not much time consuming at all. You do not have to download any third party software or have any expert knowledge to get things done. There is a simple option provided by Microsoft in Windows 10 Anniversary Update that will let you turn off Cortana on Windows 10 lock screen or log on screen.

At first, open Cortana by clicking the Cortana button that is visible on your Taskbar. It should be a search box or just a button in case you have opted for that. Following that, you can find Settings gear button on the left side of Cortana. Click on that button.

It will expand some settings in an integrated window. Here, you should get Lock Screen option on your screen. It is visible right after Hey Cortana settings. By default, it will be turned on. You just have to toggle the blue button to disable Cortana on the lock screen.

How to Disable Cortana on Lock Screen in Windows 10

That’s it! This is as simple as that. After disabling this, you cannot open Cortana from the lock screen. In case, you need it again; you can certainly go there and toggle the same button.


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