How to Disable Doze Mode for Particular App in Android M

Android M has brought several new features and options. This is not just another new version of Android to make users happy. Android Marshmallow has some really useful features that may make the user more than happy. Plenty of useful features have been included in Android M. Doze Mode is one of them that helps users to optimize the battery so that you can get better battery backup.

Previously, Android Lollipop and lower versions had option to check whether an app is draining your battery or not. But, now, you can optimize an app if that is killing your battery. Doze Mode is specially integrated into Android M to give a long life to your smartphone’s battery.

In other words, Doze Mode will assist you to deactivate certain features of different apps. As background processes kill the battery faster, Doze Mode will attack on those things at first. Therefore, you will not get any push notifications and cannot do more other things after enabling Doze Mode.

Android Marshmallow

This particular feature has an advantage as well as disadvantage. The advantage is you will get better battery backup. The disadvantage is you will not get push notifications from any app installed in your mobile. Therefore, if you forget any important thing to check manually, you will not get any notifications by any app. You may miss your important notifications, message or other stuffs.

Therefore, if you want to disable Doze Mode for particular apps in Android M or Android Marshmallow, here is a solution. Android 6 has an option that will let you disable battery optimization aka Doze Mode for specific apps. That means, you will keep getting notifications from those apps when other apps will not show anything.

Disable Doze Mode for Particular App in Android M

This is very and not much time consuming. The most important thing is you will not have to install any third party software. Android M itself offers the option to turn off Doze Mode in Android M. Therefore, follow the following steps to get things done.

At first, open the stock Settings app of your Android device and tap on Battery. Therefore, click on the three dots button aka Options button. After that, you can find Battery Optimization option. Now, select App apps from the drop-down menu.

Here you will get all your apps. now, choose an app that you wish to allow or wish to disable Doze Mode for that app. Here, you will get two options i.e. Optimize and Don’t Optimize. By default, Optimize should be selected. Just choose Don’t Optimize and hit the DONE button.

That’s it.


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