How to Disable Facebook Notification on Google Chrome

Nowadays, Facebook is one of the most visited sites by different types of people. For example, a student uses Facebook to get connected with friends, a businessman uses Facebook to make more connection and so on. In other words, Facebook is being used by every type of people from across the globe.

To get more attention of users, some social networking sites like Facebook often requires permission to allow the browser to send latest notifications to you so that you can reply to that particular notification right away. For example, if someone has tagged you into a photo, you can certainly comment on that by checking the notification that has been sent to you by Facebook through the browser. Generally, Google Chrome does this thing more than any other browser. In fact, some other standard browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari does not come with such features.


Now, if you have mistakenly allowed Facebook to send notifications through browser or Google Chrome and now you would like to turn off or disable Facebook notifications on Google Chrome, here you go. Here is a solution that will let you disable all the Facebook notifications on Chrome within moments. You do not have to install any third party software to get things done.

Google Chrome has the feature and option that will let you allow or block particular site from sending any instant notification. That means, if you are getting annoying notifications from any site, you can simply use this trick to disable that immediately.

Disable Facebook Notification on Google Chrome

There is a feature in Google Chrome that is called Notifications Exception, which assists users to choose whether he/she wants to get notifications from a particular site or not. As this is an in-built feature of Google Chrome, you do not have to install any extension or add-on. Do follow these steps.

At first, click on the Menu button of Google Chrome and go to Settings. Then expand the Advanced Settings and find out Privacy. Under that option, you can find Content Settings.

Google Chrome content Settings

Click on that. Here in the popup menu, you can find Notifications. Under the Notifications, there should be another option called Manage exceptions.

Manage Exception in Notification for Google Chrome

Now, you can find a popup block, where all the sites those often send notifications should be included. You can find on the list. By default, it should be set to Allow. Just click on that button and select Block from the drop-down menu.

Block Facebook notifiations in Google Chrome

Then click on Done as you are actually done. Hope this tiny feature can help you to get rid of unwanted notifications from Facebook.


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