How To Disable Firefox’s Offline Mode

How to turn off Firefox offline mode forever

Firefox and some other browsers have the habit of automatically switching to “offline mode” whenever there is a drop in your internet connection.

If you are browsing the web on a Wi-Fi connection or changing your internet preferences from Wireless to LAN, you might have observed that Firefox automatically turns on the Offline mode, which gets really annoying at times.

Here is a simple about:config trick which can be used to permanently turn off offline mode in Firefox

Open a new tab in Firefox and type “about:config” in the browser’s address bar. Then hit the warning message ” I will be careful”, in the following window – right click anywhere and choose “New Boolean”

Disable Firefox offline Mode
2. Enter the name as network.manage-offline-status and set it’s value to false.

All done, now Firefox won’t switch on the Offline mode when it encounters a change or break in your internet connection.

When The Offline Mode Of Firefox Makes sense

The offline mode in Firefox, Internet Explorer and other browsers made sense in the Dial up age, when you were surfing the web on a dial up connection and had to pay the bills for each minute of web browsing.

If you are on a limited internet usage plan or using a Dial up modem, you can quickly open a couple of webpages, disconnect from the web when the page has finished loading, switch to the offline mode and continue reading the webpages normally, without having to pay extra internet bills.

But that was in the 1990’s when having a dial up connection was considered cutting edge, it turns out that the offline mode in Firefox is more of an annoyance than usefulness. Folks who are using public Wi-fi connections or who frequently use different network profiles may want to add this about:config filter and permanently disable the “Firefox is working in offline mode and can’t browse the web.” nag. [ via ]

You can further turn off or turn on the “Offline mode” from the File Menu, this about:config trick prevents Firefox from going into Offline mode automatically.


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