How to Disable Frequent Locations on iOS

There is no doubt that iOS is the most stable operating system for mobiles. With such an evolved OS, you can be smarter. There are lots of free apps, games etc. are available for iOS. On the other hand, it comes with a lot of features and functions those are very useful. For example, an option is Frequent Locations. If you are using iOS, you know what is Frequent Locations and what does it do. If you do not know about this feature, let me explain.

What is Frequent Locations?

iOS Location Service

Frequent Locations is nothing but a function of iOS that detects your location and store it in the device. No data is shared and it is completely private. That means, your location service is accessible right from your iOS device and nowhere else. Alike Google’s Location Service, iOS also has a similar feature and that is known as Frequent Locations. Whenever, you will turn on your Location Service on your iPhone, your mobile will start storing all the locations wherever you go. There is no particular reason, why iOS stores all the locations, but this is somewhat a good feature for them, who often forget important things.

For example, let’s assume that you want to remember where you went on the last Saturday or last weekend or on a particular date. At such moments, you can easily make use of Frequent Locations to detect where did you actually go on a particular day. It makes everything very easy as it stores date as well as time along with the location. Therefore, if the location is stored in your mobile, you can find it anytime but it doesn’t store a lot of locations or entries. That means, you can find only recent locations in Frequent Locations area.

Now, if you want to disable Frequent Locations on iOS because of having any reason, here you go. You can turn off Frequent Locations without any problem and without installing any third party app. This is very easy as the settings come with the iOS device. You will just have to make a change in the settings.

Disable Frequent Locations on iOS

Therefore, to disable Frequent Locations on iOS, do follow these subsequent steps. At first, open your stock Settings app and find the Privacy settings. Here you can find Location Services. Tap on that and select System Services.

System Services on iOS to Disable Frequent Locations

Under the System Services menu, you can find Frequent Locations. By default, it should be turned on. You will have to turn it off by tapping on that. Therefore, tap on the corresponding button and toggle it. Here, you can also find all the stored locations.

Disable Frequent Locations on iOS

If you want to clear the history, just tap on Clear History button and select the respective confirmation button.

That’s it! You are done. Now, your mobile will not store your location. If you want to turn it on again, you can go to the same place and toggle the button.

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