How To Disable Google Maps Review Requests

Days are gone when people used to have a physical map of an area. Nowadays, all the smartphone users use Google Maps, which is much more convenient, easy to use, and handy than old paper maps. Whenever you visit a place such as a tourist spot, shopping mall, theater, etc. it asks you to write a review. Google does that so that the app will be updated all the times with current information. But if you do not like to write such reviews, here is what you can do to disable Google Maps review request. This is possible to do that on Android as well as iOS.

Apart from that, Google Maps shows a lot of other notifications. If you want to get rid of Google Maps notification on Android mobile, here is what you can do.

How To Disable Google Maps Review Requests

This is very easy and not much time consuming as well. Since Google Maps has an inbuilt option for this problem, you do not have to download any other third-party software as well. It doesn’t matter which Android mobile you are using; the options are the same.

At first, open Google Maps application on your Android mobile and click the Menu button, which looks like three horizontal lines. A sidebar will appear on your left-hand side. You need to select Settings from the options.

After that, you will get a couple of options. From here, you have to choose Notifications. Then, you can find Your contributions option, and you need to tap on this option.

On the next screen, you should find an option called Rate and review places. This is the option, which is responsible for showing all the notifications after you visit a place. Toggle the corresponding button to disable that functionality.

How To Disable Google Maps Review Requests

As mentioned earlier, Google Maps lets you show or hide other notifications as well. In a nutshell, you can manage these categories.

  • Familiar places
  • Question and answer: If you visit a place and someone asks a question, Google Maps shows a notification regarding that place.
  • Your popular contributions: If you have reviewed a place, uploaded a photo, etc., and someone did something about that, you will be notified.
  • Show edit notification: If someone has shared wrong information about a place, and you made an edit, it will show the notification of that kind.
  • Questions about places
  • Add or confirm info
  • Updates about badges: Google Maps gives you different badges based on your contribution. You can get the corresponding notification if you enable this option.
  • Add your photos
  • Contribution ideas
  • Show photos publishing notifications
  • Questions about your area
  • Questions about your recent journeys

All these options can be found in the Notifications > Your contributions area. From here you can enable to disable any option based on your requirements.

On the other hand, if you want to manage every kind of notification shown by Google Maps, you should go back to the Notifications area. Here you can find some options like Traffic, Commute, transit, navigation, People & places, etc. You can open each category, follow the screen option to show or hide a certain type of notification.

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