How to Disable In-App Browser of Facebook

Facebook, the social media giant has its app for various platforms, including Android, iOS etc. You can easily download and install the Facebook application on your mobile instead of using a browser ( There are several compensations as well as drawbacks of using the official Facebook app over any other browser.

How to Disable In-App Browser of Facebook

You will get better user experience, better view, compendious design, good navigation and more others. This is very easy to handle your Facebook account with Facebook app for Android or iOS.

Facebook often release updates so that we will be updated with latest security blemish. Facebook always unveil an update to make us secure. Over the past few years, Facebook has launched several updates and they have included more features in the app. One of the best features is in-app browser.

What is in-app browser?

In-app browser is nothing but a browser that is included in any app that itself is not actually a browser. An in-app browser is included in Facebook app as well. Facebook has added this feature back in 2014. Nevertheless, still there are many Facebook app users, who do not have it. On the other hand, the browser of Facebook is not playing well.

Whenever, you tap on any link, this in-app browser opens that inside your Facebook app. You do not have to leave it to open any link. This is really very easy and faster process to share any link.

But, on the other hand, it has some disadvantages as well. For example, you cannot bookmark the link from Facebook’s in-app browser. In addition, this browser consumes more bandwidth than a usual browser. Therefore, if you don’t have it, this is fine. However, if you have got Facebook in-app browser, here is a tiny tutorial to disable it. After disabling the in-app browser of Facebook, you can easily use any browser or default browser to open links from Facebook app.

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How to Disable In-App Browser of Facebook?

This is however very easy and not much time consuming. Just open the Facebook app and tap on Menu.


Scroll down and find out App Settings.


Now, you will get an option that says Always open links with external browser. Just tick on the option.


That’s all! Now, your default browser will be opened whenever you will tap on any link.


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