How to Disable Interest-based Ads of Amazon

There is no doubt that Amazon is one of the biggest ecommerce websites out there, which has more than 100 billion of turnover in every year. They have various optional services in various countries. Few years ago, they launched the Indian version of Amazon and the response is pretty good. The maximum turnover of Amazon comes from US and other tech savvy countries.

Amazon is popular in various cities because it has a faster delivery service and the products are great in quality. On the other hand, their resellers are pretty good. There are many companies (including mobiles and goods), which often do exclusive sale through Amazon because it has the maximum customers in most of the countries.

Nowadays, most of the businesses are using online advertising to get more customers. Amazon is not out of them. Amazon also uses online advertising to get more sales. The main ad network they use is Google AdWords, which is very powerful in terms of tracking.

What is interest-based ads?

Amazon personalized ads

Sometime, you can find that some ads are following you through various websites. Suppose, you have checked some cameras on Amazon and now you are getting only camera ads on all the websites. As you have check cameras, Google AdWords and other ad companies are showing camera ads as they think that you are willing to buy a camera. This is called interest-based ads. As it works based on your interest, this is named after that.

Sometime, it is fine if you are really willing to buy a camera. But, if you have checked those cameras just for fun, it will be very annoying for to see only camera ads all over the internet. Obviously, you can use ad blocker in your browser. But, suppose, you are using a rare web browser and it doesn’t have any ad blocker. At such times, you have to follow this guide to get rid of interest-based ads.

Disable Interest-based Ads of Amazon

If you are being irritated because of Amazon’s personalized ads or interest-based ads, here is a solution that doesn’t even require the ad blocker to get over it. Amazon offers an option for all the internet users that can be used to stop interest-based ads. However, if you use multiple web browsers, you have to open all of them one by one to disable this. Also, if you delete the browser cookies and cache, you will have to set things up again.

However, this is very and doesn’t require any extension as well. Therefore, just head over to this site. Here, you can find two different options like this,

Disable Interest based ads of Amazon

Just select Do Not Personalize Ads from Amazon from this Internet Browser and hit the Submit button. You will be greeted with the following message.

Deactivate personalized ads of Amazon

That’s it! This is as simple as that.

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