How to Disable Loading Webpage from Cache in Chrome

Chrome is indeed an awesome web browser for any kind of people. No matter, whether you have a high bandwidth or low bandwidth, but you can certainly get faster speed in Google Chrome. Or, if you have a high speed internet connection or low speed internet connection, Chrome will provide a faster speed than any other web browser. This is because of a reason. Chrome opens the website from cache.

That means, when you visit a website, your Chrome browser stores some files locally. When you visit the same website second time, it opens the website from that files. It will be better if you understand the following example.

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Sometime, you may find that some websites are not updating to the latest content. You are getting old content even when the website has published some new content. A refresh is helping you to find the latest content. That is because of cache. You are watching the cached version of that website, which was stored when you visited that website for the first time. When you will press F5 or refresh the page, you can find the latest content. This is a common problem and it happens with many websites.

This feature of Google Chrome is pretty helpful for them, who can refresh the page and have unlimited bandwidth. But, if you have limited bandwidth and you are saving that with full effort, you might find some problems with this. You have to spend double bandwidth to find the latest content of those sites, which are opening cached version.

Therefore, if you are think this is not so good and you want to disable loading webpage from cache, here is a solution. In Google Chrome, there is an option that will let you disable opening the cached version of any website. But, the option is not so user friendly, that means, you have to navigate through some options to get things done.

Disable Loading Webpage from Cache in Chrome

At first open any website that you want to block from loading from cached version. This is very important as selection of wrong site may produce different results. Therefore, open the particular website and press F12. Alternatively, you can right click on empty space and select Inspect. It will open the Inspect Element window. Now, click on the three dotted button and select Settings.

Disable Loading Webpage from Cache in Chrome

Here you will get an option called Disable cache (while DevTools is open). Just mark the checkbox. That’s it. It will disable the cached version of any website.


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