How to Disable Lock Screen Widgets in iOS 10

Undoubtedly, iOS 10 is a pretty good mobile platform developed by Apple for their iPhone, iPad and iPad users. As Apple has included more features in iOS 10, you will get them all if you update your device to iOS 10. The lock screen has been enhanced a lot. Apple has implemented one awesome feature called lock screen widgets. As it describes, you would be able to get some widgets on your lock screen those will make your task faster.

For instance, you would like to get latest news via Apple News. Therefore, just press power button and swipe from left to right. Here, you should get Apple News widgets. Overall functionality of lock screen widget is pretty impressive and useful but some people do not like the widgets implemented on lock screen. If you are one of them and do not like the lock screen widget, you can easily disable that.

Lock Screen Widgets on iOS 10

Although, iOS 10 allows users to add or remove particular lock screen widget but if you want to hide it completely, here is a simple trick. You do not have to download any third party app as there is an in-built feature included in iOS 10 that you have to utilize.

Disable Lock Screen Widgets in iOS 10

This is very straightforward and you do not even have to install any third party app as well – like said before. You just need to change a simple option that is included in your iOS device running iOS 10. Therefore, just follow the following steps to disable lock screen widgets in iOS 10.

At first, open stock Settings app that you have in your iOS device. Here, you should get an option called Touch ID & Passcode. After tapping on that option, you will have to enter your passcode. This is must. Otherwise, you cannot get further options. Now, scroll down after opening the Touch ID & Passcode page. You will get few options under ALL ACCESS WHEN LOCKED category. Today should be there on your screen. By default, it is turned on and this is needless to mention that Today is the thing that you need to turn off. To do so, just toggle the respective button.

Disable Lock screen widgets in iOS 10

That’s it! Now, you won’t get any lock screen widgets on your iOS 10 device. That means, you will not be able to swipe from left to right on your lock screen and you should get only two screens i.e home screen and camera.

Hope this tiny trick would be helpful for you.

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