How to Disable Read Receipt of WhatsApp [Official Way]

Typically the most popular cross-platform instant messenger has updated the app containing some preposterous gimmicks such as Read Receipt. It’s been merely one week to launch that bizarre update on WhatsApp. Let me explain the Read Receipt if you do not know.

In case you have noticed the message you sent to your friends and family or anybody else via WhatsApp, it’s likely you have seen some grey colored tick marks. Not very long ago, there used to be only two types of tick marks. One tick alludes to that you have successfully sent the message to WhatsApp’s server and now it is processing to get conveyed to your recipient’s WhatsApp account. Conversely, double tick mark prescribes that your recipient has received your message successfully. That was it.

Disable Read Receipt of WhatsApp

Now, you can find yet another blue tick mark, which implies that your recipient has read your message. It is obviously food for them, who used to hear that “Sorry! I haven’t seen your message.” Or “Havent’t received your message. Will be back within an hour” and something like that. On the other hand, this is bad for them, who want to ignore destructive WhatsApp messages and keep working what you have been doing.

In this ambivalence, WhatsApp has launched another update only for Android version of WhatsApp. The latest version, V. 2.11.444, will let you disable Read Receipt within moments. Although, this update is not mustered in Google Play Store, you can get it at official website of WhatsApp.

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How to disable Read Receipt of WhatsApp?

This is however very easy and not yet much time consuming. Just download and update your existed WhatsApp with new one. Then open it and navigate to Menu >> Settings >> Account >> Privacy.

Scroll down a bit to get the corresponding option. Just tap on the checkbox to un-tick Read Receipts.

Turn off Read Receipts of WhatsApp

That’s all. As of now, this updated is available only on Android. Hope other major platforms such as Windows, iOS etc. would receive this update very soon.


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