How to Disable Siri on Lock Screen

iOS is indeed an awesome mobile platform and some features have no substitute. For example, the SIRI in iOS. Although, you can find some other alternatives like Google Now, Cortana but nothing can literally compete with Siri, which is probably the best digital assistant for iOS users. You can do almost all the things with Siri as Apple has implemented it very deeply into the functions of iOS. You can use Siri by pressing the Home button for a longer time. This is even possible when you mobile is locked. Now, if you want to disable Siri on lock screen, do follow this guide.

Before, getting into the tutorial, you should know everything about the Siri. If you have been using iOS device, you may know this. But, if you have recently opted for iOS, you should definitely read this.

In simple words, Siri is a digital voice assistant that comes with iOS only. You can do different things like create notes, turn on/off different functions, call/reply to someone, check email and do all the other things with the help of this voice assistant.

Disable siri on lock screen

Now, as Siri can be enabled from any screen, this can be a threat for you. Although, this is not possible to check anything like email, call log, SMS etc. from lock screen by utilizing Siri, but there are some workarounds that can let anybody bypass the iPhone lock screen without even using the passcode or TouchID. Therefore, instead of using Siri from the lock screen, this is certainly a good practice to disable Siri on lock screen.

Now, this particular setting has a disadvantage. You would be able to open any email or call anybody from lock screen. There are many people, who often give Siri the command to open email or do something others and then unlock the mobile. If you used to do so, you would not be able to make use of Siri from lock screen.

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Disable Siri on Lock Screen

This is very easy and not much time consuming at all. In fact, you do not need any third party app or you do not have to jailbreak your device in order to turn off Siri on lock screen in iOS.

At first, open Settings of you mobile and find out Touch ID and Passcode settings. After tapping on this, you will have to enter your passcode in order go further and check other options regarding Touch ID and Passcode. On the next page, you can find options to add fingerprints, change passcode etc. Now, scroll down. Here, you can get ALLOW ACCESS WHEN LOCKED category. Under that, you can find Today, Notification View etc. Just toggle the respective button to turn off Siri.

How to disable Siri on lock screen in iOS

That’s it! Now, you cannot open Siri from lock screen in your iOS device. This is as simple as said.

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