How to Disable Windows Maximizing and Minimizing Animation in Windows 10

Windows 10, the latest version of Windows, besets with many improvements and new features. Although, the windows minimizing and maximizing animation is not actually a new feature, it differs from previous windows animation in respect of style. The first impression of this windows animation attracts everybody. It feels great when windows are minimizing and maximizing in a comprehensive way.

However, if you want to use Windows 10 as your primary operating system, you may find this animation annoying and buggy. As Windows 10 is still in beta version, there is high chance to get slower windows because of this minimizing and maximizing animation. In fact, some people have found it not so useful since it makes their PC little bit slower. This is just like Android.

Therefore, if you are not pleased with this minimizing and maximizing windows animation at its usefulness, you can simply disable it right away. You can find two solutions below. Both the fixes work same. You can use any one of them.

Solution #1

To get started, at first press Win + I and click on Change PC Settings. After that, select Ease of Access.

Ease of access under PC Settings

Now, you have click on Other options. At last, Turn off Play animations in Windows.

Turn off Windows animation

You should know that this change would disable all types of Windows animation. You can disable Windows close animation using this setting.

Solution #2

Open your RUN. You can either search in Start Menu or press Win + R. Then type sysdm.cpl and hit enter. You will get System Properties. Go to Advanced tab and click on Settings under Performance.

Performance under System Properties

After that, un-tick the option that says Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing.

Disable Windows Animation

At last, save your changes.

If you want to get back the animation, you can again go to the same place and turn on animation.

Hope these little tricks would help you a lot.


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