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dlvr-it For any blogger it is very important to keep their users up to date on whenever they publish a new blog or post. This is probably the best and most convenient way of increasing readership for a blogger.

For any blogger who relies on RSS feeds on their websites (which most bloggers do these days), updating content on social network websites such as Twitter, Facebook etc. is equally important because not all readers are following via RSS feeds. is a web based service which lets its users to publish their latest blog posts on multiple social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Buzz and more. basically relies on RSS feeds, but what is does is that it enables users to publish their RSS updates to multiple services at the same time or multiple RSS updates to a single service.

In order to use, all you have to do is signup which is one of the most hassle free signup procedures ever. You just have to specify your e-mail address and password and not only signs you up for the service but also logs in at the same time.

After sign up, you’re taken to the step of sharing your content, the first step of which is to specify the blog/RSS feed URL. Once you’re done with that (which shouldn’t be difficult) you need to specify the destination of your blog.

You can either select a single social media platform or multiple based on your choice. You can also select to paste your most recent item right away or wait for an update to be made first to your feed and then it be published.

Next you have to allow the Facebook app or any other network to access your profile and post from on your wall. This can be done easily. After this, will automatically track and post all your latest blog posts via the RSS feeds. can be customized as well for use and meet your more specific needs. allows users to automatically shorten URLs contained in blog posts using URL shortners and also allows tracking of links shared on Twitter using Google Analytics to measure in real time on how much traffic has been generated on the shared link.

Moreover, you can schedule posting of blogs on different services at different times. Overall, gives a lot of freedom and flexibility on how blogs are published.

These features and the ease of use make a great service to post your blog content on social networks. It is a must to be used recommended web service for any blogger out there who wants to increase their following.


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