Does The Age of a Domain Influence Search Rankings?

How does Google determine the age of a domain? Is domain age an important factor for ranking of my site’s pages? Will hosting a website for a long time and adding no content to it is a good idea ?

These are some of the questions that may arise on your mind, especially if you have started blogging and have lots of doubts. There are several factors which determine how the pages of your site are going to rank in search results – domain age being one of them.

Factors Influencing the Ranking of a Page

Typically, the following factors influence the ranking of a page on search engine result pages:

1. The quality of the content – most important and often most neglected. If your page’s content is unique, useful and better than your competitors page – your page is going to rank higher. It doesn’t matter how big or small your website is.

2. Number of links pointing to your page: If your page has a good number of incoming links, chances are high that it will rank higher on search results.

3. Quality of the links: One link from an authority website is better than hundreds from spam blogs.

4. Other factors – keyword density, anchor texts, loading times, age of the domain and so on.

So how does Google determine the age of a domain ? And whether the age of a website is an important factor in rankings?

In the above video, Google Engineer Matt cutts discusses the issue with the age of a domain and it’s impact on search rankings. Matt suggests the following points:

  • The Whois data is not a very good factor in determining the age of a domain. Search engines do not look at the Whoisdata of a domain to determine the age of a webpage.
  • Instead, Google checks it’s logs and finds when did they crawled the domain through a dofollow link. This applies to the deeper pages as well as to the homepage of your site.

This is because the search engines may not be able to find the whoisdata of every single domain and judge the age of a website.

How Important is the Age of A Domain For Website Authority

There is no reason to worry regarding domain age because it’s only one of the factors which influence search ranks. If there are two sites – A is 6 months old while B is 2 years old, it’s not going to affect that much. What matters is the overall quality of the pages of your website and the number or quality of backlinks.

Hence, stop obsessing about buying older and pre-aged domains that were parked 10 years ago, thinking that developing a website in an older domain is going to boost your search ranks.

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