How to Download and Convert Videos From Facebook Using Firefox

Facebook provides no option to download the videos embedded in to the live news feeds. However, you can easily download Facebook videos from Firefox and convert it into your preferred formats.

How to download videos from Facebook using Firefox

Firefox users can install Facebook Video add-on, which provides simple options to download a video from Facebook. After the script is installed you will be able to download the videos as MP4 files.


This add-on adds a “Download” link in video pages, walls, feeds and messages. Using this add-on, you can even embed a video in your blog as the video code can be found from the “Embed this video” link.


To convert a video into your desired format, just click the link “Convert video”. You will be redirected to Just select the video format, and you will receive a link at your email address containing the link of the converted file. ( also see : Share facebook photos with people not in facebook)

How to download videos from Facebook Videos from Internet explorer

Internet explorer doesn’t have any plugin to download videos from Facebook but here is a nice trick that will let you save Facebook videos without any browser add-on or software.

1. Log in to Facebook and start playing the video till it ends.

2. Go to control panel > Internet options and click Settings.


3. In the window that opens, select “view files”.

4. You will find many types of files in the folder that opens. These are all temporary files saved by the browser in your computer.

5. The video that you have played inside Internet explorer is saved in this folder. Find the file with the largest file size. Copy it and paste it in your desktop.

6. Rename the file to something with an flv extension, for example: video.flv.

That’s it. You have just saved a Video from Facebook without using any software or browser add-in. ( also read : How to save Audio, video and flash files from your browser)

Alternatively you can also trying using the Speedbit Browser toolbar that let’s you save Facebook videos from the browser toolbar ( Firefox and IE ).


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