View and Download Facebook albums and Flickr photos using a Desktop application

Do you have a Facebook and a Flickr account  and wish to View the photos  using a desktop client in windows ? What about a Single software that can be used to view facebook photos of your friends, your flickr albums and can manage the photos stored in your computer ?

Earlier we have discussed how to bulk upload photos on facebook and download albums.But that process was limited to only your facebook account and you cannot download the photos of your friends and moreover it required  a browser extension to do the job ( which may not be reliable at times).

But if you are looking for a desktop app to download Facebook album of yours or that of your friends then here is a useful windows tool  for you called Fotobounce ( windows XP and vista).It can be used to :

1.View and save your photos and albums from  Facebook and Flickr with all the tags of your choice

2.You can view your photos from blackberry or from your I phone.

3.Manage the photos stored in your computer and add Facial tagging.

Using Fotobounce with Flickr and Facebook

Download fotobounce and install the application.After the installation is complete you need to connect your Flickr and Facebook accounts with Fotobounce.Here is how the application looks


All your facebook friends are ordered alphabetically in the left column. You click any name and bingo ! Fotobounce pulls all the photos as well as the albums right in front of your eyes and you can save any photo in your computer with a single click. You can also select an album and start a photo slideshow which looks really cool.(also see : Create a photo slideshow with your facebook albums)

Quite similarly you integrate your Flickr account and you can view all your Flickr album sets using this desktop application.But unlike facebook you are restricted to view photos from only your flickr account.

Using Fotobounce to Manage Photos in Your computer

Apart from viewing your Facebook and Flickr albums Fotobounce can also be used to manage photos stored in your computer just like Picasa or any other photo management software.Just specify the folder and the software can organize all your photos according to tags,faces and dates.

In short Fotobounce can be useful if

1. You want to view your facebook photos and albums ( of yours as well as that of your friends ) offline as well as your Flickr photos.

2.Take a back up of your facebook albums and photos ( if you are planning to close your facebook account).

3.Show your facebook photos to a friend who is not a member of facebook yet.

4.Manage Photos Stored in your computer and keep everything under one interface.( i.e view photos stored in facebook,Flickr and your computer from one central location) [via Digital inspiration]

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