Let Your Friends Download Your Flickr Sets And Photo Albums In Just One Click

Do you have a lot of photos stored on your Flickr account and you want specific friends or family members to download some of your Flickr photo sets? Although you can copy the web address of your Flickr photo set and ask anyone to download all the photos from your Flickr photo set or album. However, it would be much better if you can send the download link of the entire Flickr photo set to your close friends or family members.

Enter Flickr and Share – a simple web app which can be used to generate public links for your Flickr albums and sets. Once you have generated the public link, you can send this public link to anyone and they can download the entire Flickr photo set or album on their computer. It doesn’t matter whether the user has a Flickr account or not, as the link generated by Flickr And Share website is publicly accessible.

generate public links for Flickr photo sets

Getting started with Flickr And Share is very easy. Go to the website, sign in with your Yahoo, Facebook or Google account and authorize the application to access data from your Flickr account.

On the next page, select the Flickr photo album or photo set for whom you want to generate the downloadable link. If you have a private album which is completely hidden from the outside world, you can select it as well. The only catch here is that only one album can be selected at a time and you can’t generate a combined download link for multiple albums.

Once you are through and have obtained the download link, you can share it on Facebook, twitter, email or IM message. Anyone who knows this URL would be able to download Flickr photo sets and albums from your account. So if you have some really private photos which needs to be shared with a selected group of friends, it would be better if you email them the download link individually, instead of posting the link on your website, blog or Facebook account.


All in all, this is a really easy way to get a public as well as private download link for any of your Flickr photo albums or sets. No installation is required and there is nothing to download at all. Not to forget the fact that the website works with your Yahoo account and never asks you to register with them or give them your email address. Give this a try and generate publicly downloadable links for all or some of your Flickr albums.

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