Download High Resolution Bing Wallpapers In One Click From Bing Homepage

Bing has a really impressive and large collection of  beautiful wallpapers, a new wallpaper is featured in the Bing homepage everyday. If you have a knack of collecting high resolution wallpapers for your desktop and have always wondered whether it is possible to save Bing wallpapers in your computer, here are two easy tricks that will get you started.

Although Bing wallpapers looks great in the Bing homepage, there is no easy way to save Bing wallpapers as an image file and set the image as desktop background in Windows or Mac-OSX. Then there are freeware applications like Bing Desktop, which will automatically download Bing wallpapers on your computer and set them as desktop background. But none of these applications solve the purpose – the ability to download Bing wallpapers in one right click, directly from the Bing home page and save it as an image file.

When you right click the wallpaper or image on Bing homepage, you get an option to save the entire webpage and not just the background image. Technically, the download should contain the wallpaper image but in reality, the download contains no image file. So saving the webpage as an html file does not solve the problem.

However, here are two easy ways to save Bing wallpapers as image files directly from the Bing homepage, without installing anything on your computer.

Save Bing homepage background – Use Inspect Element In Google Chrome and Firefox

This one is pretty easy if you know how to detect web elements using the Inspect element feature of Google Chrome and Firefox (Firebug). When you want to save Bing homepage image as an image file, simply click “Inspect element” and navigate to the div id “bGdiv”


Next, in the right hand pane, you will get the background image under the background image”” property of the div element. Right click, open in a new browser tab and save it in your computer’s hard drive.

Download Bing Wallpaper By Changing the Country Or Location Preferences.

This one is easier and takes only 10 seconds.

1. Click the small gear icon at the right corner of Bing homepage.

2. In the next page, click “Change country/region” and choose “United States/ English” in the following page.

3. When you’re done resetting country preferences to “US/English”, save your preferences.

That’s it, now refresh the Bing homepage and you should see a “Download Bing wallpaper” button at the bottom right corner of Bing homepage. Here is an example of todays Bing homepage, country preferences being set to “US/English”. [Thanks QOT]

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