Download Line for iPad – Line is Now Available for iPad

“Instant messaging” is a great option to start hanging out with friends almost instantly. There are tons of instant messaging services like WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber and more others. Among all of them, Line is quite different and much interesting instant messaging service.

Line, the Japanese messaging giant, app is available for almost all platforms including Android, Windows, Mac, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone etc. However, the good news is now you can get dedicated Line application on your iPad.

Yes! Line Corp. has launched official Line application for iPad. You know that Line has couple of million active users and more than that registered mobile numbers. Although, they were able to attract huge number of visitors using all of their apps except iPad but still there was something missing and that was the dedicated Line app for iPad.

Download Line for iPad - Line is Now Available for iPad

Even if, Line is known as free call and messaging app but you cannot get video or voice call on iPad app. You can use it only for sending and receiving free message. There are some other drawbacks of this app. For instance, this is not possible to create new account using Line for iPad. You can use your existing/old Line account in this app. You cannot get the most popular feature of Line, the Stickers, on iPad either. In fact, Timeline is also not supported by this app.

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Although, you should have iOS 7.0 is required to install Line app but this is according to have iPad 2 or later versions and iOS7+. According to Line, you can use stickers if you have purchased that using any other device i.e. iPhone, Android etc. You can create groups using Line for iPad. Although, Video/Audio call is not supported but you can definitely send images, voice message, videos, location information and more.

After considering all the features and all the other stuffs, it seems this dedicated iPad app needs a lot of enhancements to be attracted by more users. They cannot get thousands of users using this app since it has more disadvantages than advantage.

What do you think about this application? Do share your opinion with us.


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