How to Download Netflix Videos to Watch Offline on Android and iOS

Netflix, probably the most popular online movie and TV shows broadcasting website, is now available in more than 200 countries across the globe. Although Netflix was previously bound to US and UK, now it is available in loads of other countries except China, Crimea, North Korea, and Syria. This is because of some Govt. restrictions on the internet availability. Netflix is popular because this is cheap, and the users can watch Netflix videos on various devices including websites, mobile app, desktop app, etc. Netflix developers have been trying to let users find more functions in the app so that it can be compared with other online video broadcasting websites such as YouTube. Recently, Netflix has launched a new feature called Downloads. Here is how to download Netflix videos to watch offline on Android and iOS.


How to Download Netflix Videos to Watch Offline on Android and iOS

Like said in the previous paragraph, this particular function is available only for Android and iOS app. If you use any other way to watch Netflix videos, you may not be able to download that because of piracy. On the other hand, you must have the latest version of Netflix app to get it done. For your information, you cannot download all the shows because of copyright.

Only a few shows and movies are available for download. However, the list of existing shows or movies is not tiny yet. Another thing you should know about this offline watching is whenever you download a show; your mobile storage will be consumed. Unlike YouTube, you cannot keep the video for as long time as you want. The last thing you may need to know that you may not get this feature if you are opening your account for the first time. This is available when you open it for the second time. But, this is not applicable for all the users since many users have claimed that they have got this feature right after opening the app for the first time.

To get started, download or update the Netflix app for Android or iOS. After opening, signing in to the Netflix with valid credentials, you will get a popup like this.


If you get it, that means your account is applicable for downloading videos from Netflix to watch offline. Just hit the OK button and go forward. Following that, tap on the button that looks like three horizontal lines. In the menu section, you can find Available for Download option.


Here you should get all the TV shows those are available for download to watch offline. After that, you can get a Download button visible on before the Play button. Just tap on that to start downloading.


By default, Netflix requires Wi-Fi connection to download videos. However, if you have enough mobile data and want to download shows using cellular data, just go to App Settings and uncheck the option that says Wi-Fi Only. You can manage the video quality as well.

In case you want to delete any downloaded video from your storage, go to My Downloads, select the video and hit the Download or Trash Bin button.


That’s it! Hope this little trick would be helpful for you.

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