4 New Official Theme Downloads For Windows 7

Microsoft has released four new themes for Windows 7 users. Three of them are based on cats, dogs and tigers (as the year of tiger is on). There is one more theme based on the Valentine’s day. Go grab your copy.

You can download all the themes listed below from the Windows Personalization Gallery. After the download, just double click the theme files(.themepack) to add them to the personalization menu. All the themes support transparency.

Year Of  Tiger Theme for Windows 7:

The Tiger year is on and here is the official Widows 7 theme for celebrating it. There are six high resolution wallpapers each showcasing tigers. The sound scheme for this theme pack is “Savanna”.

Cats Everywhere Theme for Windows 7:

download windows 7 themes | cats everywhere theme

This is yet another animal theme by Microsoft. As the name suggests, the theme is based on cats. There are a total of 10 wallpapers on cats and the sound scheme for this theme is “Garden”.(tip: make your own Windows 7 theme and share it)

Dogs in Summer Theme for Windows 7:

download windows 7 themes | dogs in summer theme

Dogs, my personal favorite, are the main idea for this theme pack. There are a set of 10 wallpapers that are based on dogs. The sound scheme is also a nice one named “Heritage”. Apart from the “Raga” sound pack, this is yet another set of sounds that I liked a lot.

Valentines(Lacy Hearts) Theme for Windows 7:


The Valentine’s day celebration theme by Windows. 4 lovely wallpapers with heart shapes combined with the lady color pink gives your Windows a soothing look. The sound scheme for this theme pack is “Sonata”.(also read: Official Avatar Theme for Windows 7).


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