Drag And Drop To Upload Images In WordPress Post Editor

I hate file upload boxes.

Whenever I see a “Browse for file” button, it just pisses me off – hit Browse, open that ugly little Explorer window, go to the desired folder, select the file and then hit “Open”.

Quite some time back we told you about Dropmocks – a simple website which lets you upload photos from your desktop to the website, with a simple drag and drop. There is again Dropico – a wonderful web app which supports drag and drop photo uploads to any social networking site you want.

Gmail has it, Google Docs supports it; almost every other site or app now supports drag and drop photo uploads so why should WordPress stay behind ?

If you are a blogger and regularly write blog posts in WYSIWYG post editors of WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, Tumblr, Posterous etc here is a simple Firefox add-on which lets you upload photos by a simple drag and drop.

Drag and Drop to Upload Photos In WordPress Post EditorInstall Drag Drop Upload

After the extension is installed, you can drop images or any other type of file in file attachment boxes instead of having to “Browse” for them. If a webpage has multiple entries, you can drop multiple files and photos by consecutive dragging and dropping.  There is also an option to drop text snippets and the extension generates a temporary text file, ready to be used anywhere !

And not just WordPress, the extension works with any file upload boxes on any website e.g Facebook, Blogger, YouTube and so on.

The following screencast shows DragDropUpload In action:


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