Dropittome: Create a Public Uploader Page For Your Dropbox Account

Remember the Dropbox uploader script which allows you to create a public file uploader for your Dropbox account? Using the script, you can allow anyone to upload files to your Dropbox account, which can be useful when you want to regularly receive files from website visitors or from a group of friends.

But the sad thing is that the script requires your own web server to host the files, and not everyone has a website. Dropittome is a new service which aims to solve this issue – just sign up with the service and get a free public uploader which can be used to receive files from anyone.

Once you have your own public Dropbox upload page setup and running, you can point anyone to that page and request them to upload any file, with a maximum file size of 75MB. The file thus uploaded will be sent to your Dropbox account’s folder which will be synched to your desktop, provided you have the Dropbox client running.

The uploader page is protected with your chosen password, this will prevent spammers from uploading unnecessary files to your Dropbox account. You can also set up email notifications of newer file uploads. (see example).

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