Dumpster: Best and Free Recycle Bin for Android

Android is popular among various people, who often purchase budget mobiles or entry level mobiles. On the other hand, you can find tons of Android mobiles unlike iOS or Windows Phone. The best part of Android is you can download various free apps/games etc. for your mobile. It doesn’t matter whether you have less memory or higher RAM, but you can certainly find some suitable apps for your mobile.

Anyway, whenever we think something is not important for us, we delete that from out device. No matter, whether it is mobile or computer, we do it on every device we have. There are two main reasons. First, we do not want to be limited with unnecessary apps or files. Second, by removing apps/files, you can make some free storage.

Dumpster: Best and Free Recycle Bin for Android

On computer, if you delete something, it gets stored in Recycle Bin. The default settings of Windows, Mac or Linux doesn’t allow users to remove something permanently at once. Whenever, you delete something, it moves to Recycle Bin. If you are not new in these stuffs, you know what is Recycle Bin. Recycle Bin is such a tool of computer, which helps users to store deleted files so that users can get them back whenever they are in need of.

However, if you wish to delete something permanently, you may delete them from Recycle Bin as well. It will assist you to get some more free storage in your computer. Nevertheless, this tool is not available in any mobile. No matter, whether it is Android, iOS or Windows Phone, but you will not get Recycle Bin in any mobile platform. That means, if you delete something, it will be removed permanently.

Therefore, if you are using Android and want to get a recycle bin for mobile, you can head over to this article.

Dumpster: Best and Free Recycle Bin for Android

Introducing Dumpster, which is a fee app for Android, which helps users to store deleted files. In other words, Dumpster is a recycle bin for Android mobile. Although, this is not mentioned anywhere but it seems Dumpster is available for Android 2.3.3 and later version. Even though, it has some premium features but the free options are enough to deal with this problem. This is very easy to use this tool as well. Not only image or video but also it can store uninstalled apps without any issue.

To use it, do follow the following guide. Before that, just download and install Dumpster on your Android mobile. Apart from installing, you do not have to do anything else. After installing, just delete something that you do not want. After that, you can find those removed files like this,

Dumpster recycle bin for Android

If you want to delete them permanently, just go to Options and tap on Empty Dumpster button.

Empty Dumpster

That’s it! Hope you will like this tiny app.


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