DVDFab Ripper Review: A Comprehensive DVD Backup Solution

Do you own a rack full of DVDs that you so passionately archived over years? Now that the collection is taking up a humongous space, are you planning to go for a digital archive? The best alternative you can go for is creating backup copies for those DVDs. For that you will need a hassle free solution for making DVD clones. If you are looking for one feel free to try DVD Ripper.


DVD Ripper houses a complete set of functionality that helps you rip DVDs like a pro. With an extensive list conversion formats, support for all popular devices and proper utilization of recent hardware the tool ensures a speedy and compatible conversion of all kinds of DVD videos. The tool supports DVD, DVD folder as well ISO files as input. The output formats include MPEG-4, DivX, XviD, H.264, AVI, MP4, WMV, DPG for video and MP3, MP4, M4A, WMA, WAV, ACC, AC3, DTS for audio. You can customize conversion settings to suit your need or you can choose from the list preset conversion profiles for ease of use. There are more than 20 output modes and 100 preset profiles. Since it support batch conversion you can set all the conversion at once and wait for the conversion without any manual tweaking in between. You can set multiple video effects, add subtitle as well as forced subpicture or external audio tracks for a complete personalized conversion if needed. The tool also house features to bypass copy protection ensuring successful conversion of any DVD you own.

The tool does offer some of the most needed functionality for ripping or copying DVDs. All of that comes for a price which is $49.95. The price although is reasonable, you still have a choice to use the tool for free for 30 days before you choose to buy it. However every video that you convert or rip will have a watermark which is kinda frustrating but you can’t complain, sadly, it’s company policy.

Apart from the DVD ripping feature the tool also offers many other relevant video conversion options and also helps you archive Blu-ray discs to normal DVDs and plenty more choices are included for the user to go digital archiving. So if you are willing to backup, or play any DVD movie on your iPod touch or just want to share some personal videos with your friends DVDFab has got your back. Feel free to drop in your comments about what you liked or disliked about the tool.


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