How to Edit Lock Screen Widgets on iOS 10

It’s been pretty long time since Apple has launched iOS 10 (Beta). Millions of iOS users have always opted for iOS 10 since it comes with so many useful features. For instance, Bedtime, Low quality image in iMessage and many more. Although, Android has been using lock screen widgets since a very long time but this is the first time Apple has launched lock screen widgets in iOS and that is also in iOS 10.

What is Lock Screen Widgets?

Hope you know what lock screen is. If you use iOS 10, you can wipe from the left to right. Here you can find some separated widgets, which will display things such as latest news, reminders, stocks, calendars, maps, weather and many more. This is called lock screen widgets in iOS 10 and this is a complete new feature for Apple users.

The benefit of using lock screen widget is you do not even have to enter your passcode or touch ID everytime. You can simple swipe your screen to know the weather or latest news. This is as simple as that.

How to Add or Remove Lock Screen Widgets in iOS 10

iOS 10 offers tons of things as lock screen widgets. There is a huge list of things that you can actually include in your lock screen widget area. This is possible to add favorite contacts, Google Keep notes, mails, music, tips, photos and many more. There are many apps like Google Keep, which will let you include that in your lock screen as well.

Therefore, if you add more widgets on your lock screen, you many get interruption whenever you have to find something quickly. Instead of saving time, you will end up wasting your time. Therefore, here is a solution that you can utilize to edit lock screen widgets on iOS 10.

It will basically let you add or remove certain widgets from your lock screen. For doing so, there is no need to install third party application on your iOS device. It would be done using the pre-loaded option.

Edit Lock Screen Widgets on iOS 10

Before, opting for this trick, make sure you have created a list of useful things that you want to keep on your lock screen.

Now, press the power button but do not unlock your phone as here is a shortcut to open the particular options. Swipe your screen from left to right to open lock screen widgets. Now, scroll down to the bottom. Here, you should get an Edit option right on your screen.

How to Edit Lock Screen Widgets on iOS 10

After tapping on that, you will get a screen something like this.

add or remove widgets from iOS 10 lock screen

If you want to remove something, just tap on the red circle and then the Delete button. If you want to add something, simply tap on green circle.

This is as simple as said. Hope this tiny trick would be helpful for you.

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