Educational Video Site For Children And School Students

If you are looking for educational videos for kids but do not trust YouTube, Dailymotion, Google Videos and other video sharing websites for “Safe content”, check out

Founded by Wikipedia co founder Larry Sanger, is an awesome educational video site for children and school students. The site comprises of learning and educational clips on a large number of subjects e.g Literature, English, Mathematics, History, Science and Arts. You can define an age filter and enter relevant search terms to find an educational video for your children.

You can again limit the search results to show only “School accessible content”. This is extremely useful when you want your children to watch educational videos online and when YouTube as well as other video sharing websites are blocked at school.

The site invites students, teachers, parents and organizations to create an account and surf educational videos for free. Recently popular videos are shown on the homepage and there is also a popular section which features recently popular videos among kids.

WatchKnow plans to index over 50,000 educational videos by the end of 2010. The site’s main aim is to accumulate and create millions of short videos, so that one can quickly find a top-quality video on absolutely anything a child is studying . The site is “kids safe” and do not contain unsafe or porn content. Check it out !

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