How to Embed An Excel SpreadSheet In a Webpage

Office documents cannot be directly embedded in an HTML webpage or in a blog post unless of course you are using an iframe tag to call the document. Instead you can use Windows live skydrive to upload an excel spreadsheet and embed the spreadsheet in an HTML webpage or in the source of your blog post.

The idea is something like this – create a new spreadsheet and store it in the public folder of your skydrive account. Then copy and paste a simple HTML code and the spreadsheet is embedded in your website. The advantage of using Windows live skydrive is that if you change the content or data of any of the cells later, the change will be automatically reflected in the spreadsheet, embedded in your website.

Following are the steps involved to embed an excel spreadsheet in an HTML webpage:

1. Sign in to with your Windows live ID

2. Go to the public folder and upload the spreadsheet(s).

Embed an Excel Spreadsheet in HTML webpage

3. Open the workbook for editing and click the “Share” dropdown. Then choose “Embed” as shown below:

Embed spreadsheets in a webpage4. Done !

Here is an example spreadsheet embedded using office Live skydrive

The same is also true for Word documents or PowerPoint presentations but Scribd and Slideshare are strong alternatives for embedding PowerPoint presentations or Word documents in a webpage, so there is no need to use Office Skydrive for the same.

How to Embed a Google Docs Spreadsheet in a Webpage

Embedding a Google Docs spreadsheet is also easily achieved, though the output of Wndows live skydrive is much better. Following are the steps involved:

1. Open the Google Docs spreadsheet in a browser, click “Share” and click “Publish as a webpage”

Embed Google Docs Spreadsheet in a webpage
2. Then copy the public link of the Google Docs spreadsheet as shown below:

Embed Google Docs Spreadsheet in HTMl website3. Use the following code to embed the spreadsheet in any HTML webpage:

<iframe src=”Enter public URL of the spreadsheet” width=”500″ height=”400″></iframe>

Here is the same spreadsheet embedded using Google Docs:

Tip: How to copy paste HTML tables from a webpage and embed them in a document.


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