Embed Facebook Photos in Your Blog Or Website

If you want to embed Facebook photo albums or pictures in your blog or website, here is an official tool from Facebook which will come in handy. No, you don’t have to download Facebook photos to your computer, upload them one by one to an FTP server and then add the image in your blog.

You can simply embed a specific photo from any of your Facebook photo albums directly on your blog, without having to download anything.

Facebook allows a lot of lifestreaming widgets and one of them is the photo sharing badge, which can be found here

Hit the above link, choose a format for the Facebook photo widget and you are done. You will be given an embed code, copy it and paste on the source of your website or blog and your chosen photos will appear on your website. This badge will only work if your Photo album privacy settings are not private

Since the photo badge is rendered in HTML format, the widget will work with Blogger, WordPress, typepad, posterous and tumblr blogs. The only downside is that you can’t choose specific photos to be displayed as a widget, Facebook will show only your recent photo uploads in the badge. Anyway, this is one of the neat ways to share Facebook photo albums with the world.

However, if you want to selectively share specific Facebook photos with anyone and want to embed only selected photos from Facebook photo albums in your blog, there are two alternatives. First one is Docs.com – this tool lets you create a powerpoint presentation from Facebook albums. Simply create the presentation and upload the album to Slideshare.net, then embed the slideshare presentation in your blog.

The second alternative is using Showzey – a third party tool which can gather photos from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and other photo sharing websites at one place. The service allows users to share all these albums publicly, with anyone.

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