How to Empty Recycle Bin Automatically at Predefined Time

Every small part of Windows is very necessary for everyone. We need to utilize those features when we are in need of them. This is why Windows is a popular and very easy to use OS. Just like that Recycle Bin is one of the most important parts of Windows. Actually, not only Windows, but also Recycle Bin is a popular and essential element of any platforms. It doesn’t matter, whether you are using Mac, Linux, iOS or Android, if you have a Recycle Bin, you will get some help from this tool.

If you know what is Recycle Bin, there is nothing to explain. But, if you do not know anything about Recycle Bin, let me explain. When we delete any file from our folder or drive, it gets stored in Recycle Bin. That means, Recycle Bin helps users to regain the deleted files. But, if you delete file from Recycle Bin, you cannot get them until or unless you recover them using any software.

How to Empty Recycle Bin Automatically at Predefined Time

Let’s assume that you are trying to free up your hard drive by deleting unnecessary files. That means, whenever you do that, all the deleted files will be stored in your Recycle Bin. Now, it will again take some time to delete those files from Recycle Bin. If you think this is a time consuming task and instead you want to empty Recycle Bin automatically at predefined time, here is a solution.

Although, this is quite difficult to empty Recycle Bin of Windows automatically, but you can easily do so with the help of a third party software. However, you will have to make a task that will be executed automatically at preset time in order to get things done.

Empty Recycle Bin Automatically at Predefined Time

Like said, you will have to download a third party portable app and run that at predefined time to empty Recycle Bin automatically. Therefore, at first, download this tool from the corresponding website. After that, unzip the folder and place the portable app somewhere. You cannot move that file from there. Otherwise, the task will not be performed at all.

Anyway, now open Task Scheduler. Go to Action >> Create Task.

Create new task in task scheduler

Give it a name in General tab. After that, switch to Triggers tab. Here you have to select a time when you want to perform the task.

create trigger in task scheduler

Select On a schedule (from drop-down menu), Daily and a time. Hit the OK button and go to Actions tab.

how to empty recycle bin automatically at predefined time

Select Start a program (from drop-down menu) and select the unzipped app that you have just downloaded. Now, enter /Q in the Add arguments. This will execute the task without your permission. Hence, it will be in automation.

That’s it. You are done. After that, your recycle bin will be emptied automatically as per your preset time.

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