How to Enable Battery Percentage on Android Marshmallow

Android Marshmallow is probably the best release of Android out there as it comes with some awesome features such as strong battery saver, battery optimization and more others. If you are using any latest Android mobile and have got Android Marshmallow update for your device, you should definitely install the update without thinking twice. Apart from having so many new features and little UI updates, you can get some enhanced features as well. For instance, you will get different option to adjust volume of alarm, media and device. This was not available in earlier Android release. However, you can do it on Android 6.

Battery percentage is a great thing for Android or any other platforms. For example, you have very low battery charge and you want to check the status right now without leaving the current screen. At such moment, you will have to swipe from top to bottom to expand the status bar menu so that you can check the battery percentage. Sometime, we cannot determine how much backup is remaining. At this moment, we often try to check the battery percentage.

How to Get Android Marshmallow like Battery Percentage in Older Android

If you have the aforementioned problem or any other issue and because of that, you want to enable battery percentage, you can simply do this following this. You do not have to install any third party app or root your Android Marshmallow running device as the feature comes as built-in. You just have to enable the System UI Tuner to get battery percentage on Android Marshmallow.

System UI Tuner is a new inclusion that helps users to do different things. For instance, you can rearrange the status bar icons and now you can enable battery percentage on Android M.

Enable Battery Percentage on Android Marshmallow

At first, you will have to enable System UI Tuner. To do so, there is no need to root your device or install any other third party app. You can get that by doing this.

At first, expand your status bar menu or swipe from top to bottom. You will get a settings button or a gear button. Just tap and hold the button for at least 5 seconds.

Enable SYstem UI Tuner in Android M

Then, release it. If you have done it successfully, you will be greeted with the following success message.

System UI Tuner in Android M

Now, you can get a new option in your Settings called System UI Tuner.

System UI Tuner is enabled on Andrord M

Open the System UI Tuner and toggle the button that says Show embedded battery percentage.

Enable Battery Percentage on Android Marshmallow

That’s it! Now, you will get battery percentage on your battery on Android Marshmallow.

Did you know that you can get battery percentage on older versions of Android?


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