How to Enable Clean URL while Installing Drupal on WAMP

Blogging has grown up faster over the past few years, and more people are joining the blogosphere than earlier since there are different scopes to earn money from blogging. If you want to make money from blogging or if you want to take blogging seriously, you must have to choose the best CMS for your blog. The vast majority of people are familiar with WordPress, which is probably the best content management system out there, and loads of popular sites are using WordPress to distribute the content.

After WordPress, if you need to choose anything, there is no doubt that Drupal would be the one in your list. Drupal is a very sophisticated content management system for serious bloggers, who has a good knowledge of PHP, HTML, and CSS. Drupal uses fewer strings and queries to load a page, which helps users to get better page speed that is a SEO factor, by the way.

However, if you want to get into Drupal, WAMP is always a good option to try that out before making the site live. It will let you develop a theme, module and manage everything on your localhost. Installing Drupal on WAMP is not a big deal, and it takes only a few moments to get things done.

While installing Drupal on WAMP, you can encounter a problem, and that is as follows,

Clean URL error while installing Drupal on WAMP

Clean URLs: Disabled

Your server is capable of using clean URLs, but it is not enabled. Using clean URLs gives an improved user experience and is recommended.

What is Clean URL?

If you have used WordPress on WAMP, you might have seen that WAMP uses %postid% or http://localhost/wordpress/?p=1234 type of URL. However, you can set any other permalink structure like including category, date or only post title. A clean URL looks like this,

However, if you install Drupal on WAMP, it would not be able to show anything except clean URLs. Therefore, you must have to enable Clean URL while installing Drupal on WAMP on Windows.

How to Enable Clean URL while Installing Drupal on WAMP

This is very and it doesn’t need any expert knowledge. You might have to restart the WAMP, but that is entirely optional.

At first, start WAMP and let it be green. Then, click on the green WAMP icon in system tray, select Apache >> Apache Modules. Here you will get a big list of options. Just find out rewrite_module and click on that.

How to Enable Clean URL while Installing Drupal on WAMP

That’s it! Now, you can refresh the Drupal installation page. The problem should be gone. If it still exists, you can only restart the service of WAMP.


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