How to Enable Dark Theme in Windows 10 Settings Panel

Windows 10 is a feature-rich operating system for computers, which can be used by any people including software developers, gamers, web designers or anybody else. Recently, Microsoft has launched the Anniversary Update, which comes with tons of new features like Cortana on Lock Screen, Edge extensions, etc. However, if you have used Windows 10, you might have seen that there is a whole new settings panel in Windows 10 that can be opened by pressing Win + I.

Here you will get loads of options to customize your Windows 10 machine according to your wish. You can change different things including Windows Update, background wallpaper, background apps, Taskbar, Icons and take care of your privacy while using Windows 10 computer. By default, the Windows 10 settings panel has a white/gray interface that is pretty cool, and it looks perfect with the Windows 10 overall user interface. However, suppose, you need to work in low light and with Settings panel for a long time to do something. Or, let’s assume that you are testing something with the Settings Panel, and hence, you have to keep the settings panel open for a long time.

At such moments, you should use low brightness as using a high contrast monitor in the low light area is not recommendable for health or mainly eyes. Your will get eye strain problem within few minutes after using that kind of screen. If you have installed Windows 10 Anniversary Update, you can easily enable a dark theme in Windows 10 settings panel.

Previously, it was possible using a Registry tweak. However, now Microsoft has included a dedicated option inside the Settings Panel to help users to activate dark theme without opening the Registry Editor.

Enable Dark Theme in Windows 10 Settings Panel

Like said before, you do not have to download any third party software or have any expert knowledge. In this case, you do not even have to create a system restore point as the option is included in the Settings Panel itself.

Just open the Settings Panel, at first. There are several ways to open Settings Panel. You can press Win + I or go to Start Menu and find Settings button or search for Settings in Cortana or Taskbar search box. After opening the panel, go to Personalization. Following that, you can find Colors section, where you have to opt for. At the bottom of the right side, you can get an option called Choose your app mode. By default, the Light would be selected.


Just choose Dark. That’s it! Now, you can find dark interface right after choosing the theme.

So, this is as simple as that. Hope you would like it.


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