How to Enable Low Quality Image Mode in iMessage on iOS 10

If you are an iOS user, you might have already used iMessage, which is basically the MMS version of iOS. That means, you would be able to send image and other media files over the iMessage. The best part of iMessage is this app or service is available in all kind of Apple products including Mac. It implies, if someone is suing Mac and you are using iOS device, you can communicate with each other over iMessage. It simply means, this is possible to send media files such as image from iPhone to Mac or vice versa.

However, iMessage requires data connection to update everything including friend list, media files and more. You should have any problem if you are having an unlimited data connection. But almost all network service providers do not have any unlimited data package. Hence, you may get problems while sending images over iMessage. It will consume a lot of data even if you send two or three images to your friends. On the other hand, iPhone’s images are quite high in size as well as quality. Therefore, you may get into trouble in some bad times.


Previously, there was no such option to manage the image quality sent through iMessage. However, iOS 10 has got something special for iMessage user. It means, you would be able to use low quality images instead of the original one. It will reduce the image size as well as quality. Although, you should not get any problem regarding the quality when sending portrait but text like images may get spoiled badly. But, in other cases, it works perfectly.

Therefore, you can reduce your bandwidth usage by turning on Low Quality Image Mode of iMessage. Therefore, if you would like to activate Low Quality Image Mode in iOS, here is a trick.

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Enable Low Quality Image Mode in iMessage on iOS 10

You do not have to download any third party software or jailbreak your device. All you need is iOS 10 on a compatible iDevice. If you haven’t installed iOS 10 on your iPhone or iPad, do check out this tutorial.

After installing, open Settings. Here, you will get Messages settings. You may have to scroll down a bit to get this option.

Messages settings in iOS 10

Tap on that to open respective settings of Messages. Again scroll down to the bottom to get Low Quality Image Mode. By default, it should be turned off. Just toggle the button to turn it on.

Enable Low Quality Image Mode in iMessage on iOS 10

That’s it! You are done. Now, whenever you will send any high quality image which is big in size, it will be reduced by size.


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