Google Launches Notification Sync to Get Notifications on Google Glass

Who does not use a mobile? Even most of the people do not like to use any other mobiles except high-end Android or iPhone. On the other hand, there are lots of social networking websites, instant messaging services, emails and more others to destroy your time. Everytime, you need to pull out your phone from your pocket. That is how a mobile abolish the valuable time of today’s “high-end” mobile users. Certainly, on the other hand, mobile has some positive sides as well.

You know that Google has a great development, which is called Google Glass. This is one of the finest wearable technologies out there. Google Glass is available since past couple of months. Unfortunately, Google does not have a huge success for their high-tech Glass. However, Google is bringing new features/application/option one after one and here is yet another update for Google Glass users.

Now, you do not have to pull out your mobile from your pocket since every notification will be visible on your Google Glass right from your Android mobile. You know that you have to interlink your mobile with your Google Glass in order to get started. Google has just added another new feature alongside that interlinking.

Today, Google has announced on Google Plus that now users can easily synchronize their mobile with Google Glass or enable the option from your mobile to get all notifications. All you have to do is turn on notification access from your Android mobile that is linked with your Glass.

Google Launches Notification Sync to Get Notifications on Google Glass

On the Notification Access screen, you will get MyGlass application. Just tick the checkbox and confirm the popup. Now, you have done.

This is probably the best update by Google Glass project developers since this is what people wanted for a long time. After launching recent pair of smartwatch by Samsung and LG (based on Android Wear), the expectation level was really high. Hope this time, Google would be able to grab more buyers of Google Glass.


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