Bring Back The Save Tabs And Quit Feature In Firefox 4

The earlier versions of Firefox had a useful feature of “Save Tabs and Quit”, which allowed users to save all the URL’s and open tabs before closing Firefox.

Let’s say you have 8 open tabs in Firefox4 and you want to close all of them, shutdown your computer and go elsewhere for some work. You want to resume or reload the same tabs, the next time you want to start Firefox.

Sure there are other ways of saving Firefox tabs for later use, i.e bookmark all tabs, copy paste the URL’s, syncing the tabs but the “Save Tabs and Quit” feature was really handy. No configurations were required at all, all you need to do is hit the “Close” button and then choose “Save tabs and exit”.


The sad news is that the “Save and Quit” button is missing in Firefox 4 and it’s disabled by default.

When you click the close button in Firefox 4, the browser closes immediately without giving the user any chance to bookmark all open tabs in Firefox or save the open tabs and URL’s for the next use.

However, you may implement the following trick to bring back the”Save and Quit” feature in Firefox 4:

1. Type about:config in Firefox address bar and choose “I will be careful, I promise”.

Firefox 4 about config warning

2. Type quitwarning in the Filter box and hit the Return key.

You should see an entry named browser.showquitwarning with a value “False”. Double click the “Value” field and change it to “True”


3. All done, now the quit warning function is enabled in Firefox 4 and whenever you want to close Firefox while multiple pages or tabs are opened, Firefox 4 will show the same old warning message “Save And Quit”.

The same filter can always be disabled from Firefox 4 about:config page, so if you see that the Save pages and quit warning is enabled by default (which should not be the case), you can disable it as shown above. (change the value of browser.showQuitWarning to True).

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