How to Enable Voice Dictation on iOS Keyboard

Even though, iOS has a tough competition with Android but some features of Android are much greater than iOS. Invariably, Android’s in-built keyboard is somehow better than iOS’. For instance, the gesture typing definitely makes the keyboard more desirable. Having said that, if you have used Android, you might have seen a button that enables you to switch on the voice dictation and therefore, you would be competent to dictate anything. Rather than typing all the stuff, you can simply give voice command and your phone will do that on behalf of you.

Nonetheless, the iOS keyboard has nothing similar to this. Although, a number of people from some countries will get voice dictation on iOS keyboard but not for everyone around the world.

What can you do using voice dictation?

Voice dictation in iOS keyboard

As it describes, you can order something to your phone to write down on your screen. For example, you need to send an email to someone. At such time, simply open your email app, tap on the recipient section, tap on voice dictation button and say the person’s name. Exactly the same thing can be carried out while composing an email. In essence, there is no need to write anything in order to get it done. You may use your voice to write. There are lots of benefits of using voice dictation as an alternative to fingers to type everything. First, there will probably not be any transliteration mistake. Second, the job will be performed more quickly. All depend on how speedy it is possible to say without having mistakes. Third, your fingers are certain to get relaxation for some time, which is actually good for health.

Enable Voice Dictation on iOS Keyboard

As said before, not all the people have this option, which means not all the keyboards have voice dictation option. However, you can find it most of the time. English (Canada) keyboard has voice dictation, for example. To enable voice dictation, you do not need to install any third party tool. Just get the right keyboard and that’s it.

Therefore, open stock Settings app and go to General. Here, you can find Keyboards option. Tap on that to open respective settings. Scroll down to get Enable Dictation option.

Enable dictation in iOS Keyboard

If it is turned off, just toggle the button to turn it on. That’s it! After that, you will get a microphone button on your keyboard. Tap on that to utilize voice dictation feature.

Now, if you haven’t got the Enable Dictation option, you may have to change the keyboard. For that, select Keyboards option that is visible on the same page where Enable Dictation is visible. Now, you will get some keyboards. As mentioned before, English (Canada) keyboard has the voice dictation option. You can opt for that to get it on your keyboard.

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