How to Enable Windows Spotlight in Windows 10

Microsoft always block some features and include them based on the edition of Windows. This time, they have done something similar. You know that three versions of Windows 10 (Home, Pro and Enterprise) are currently available for users across the globe. The most interesting thing is Microsoft has included a feature in Windows 10 Home edition but that is not available in Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise edition.

Therefore, if you are using Windows 10 Home edition, you will get an additional feature called Windows Spotlight. It was available in all versions prior to the release of Windows 10. However, in stable version, you won’t get it on all editions. Anyway, let’s check out everything about Windows Spotlight.

What is Windows Spotlight?

Actually, this is survey of Microsoft which will eventually help Microsoft as well as Windows 10 users to pick out best images for the lock screen. That simply implies Windows Spotlight is a lock screen feature, which shows “Image of the day” wallpaper from on your lock screen of Windows 10 machine. A minimum setup is required. Otherwise, all the things are on automation. Earlier, users needed to something to get things done in older Windows. However, with Windows Spotlight, you do not have to do anything apart from settings up Windows Spotlight.

Obviously, you need valid internet connection so that your machine can capture images from and show them on your lock screen. However, after settings up, a token will come out every time you open the lock screen, where you can vote for the image. You can click on either I like it! or Not a fan button. It works something like sending a feedback to Microsoft and let Microsoft choose the better image for you.

For your information, if you are using stable version of Windows 10 Home, you will certainly get this feature. Otherwise, if you use Pro version of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10547, you can test it right away.

Anyway, if you want to enable Windows Spotlight on Windows 10 machine that is capable of running this feature, here you go. The following tutorial will help you to turn on Windows Spotlight. However, you won’t be able to use your own images on the lock screen as Microsoft will use wallpapers from

Enable Windows Spotlight in Windows 10

The workaround is quite simple and not much time consuming. At first, press Win + I to open the new Settings panel. Following that, go to Personalization and Lock Screen respectively. Now, under the Background section, you can select Windows Spotlight in the drop-down menu.

Enable Windows Spotlight in Windows 10

That’s it! You are done. This is as simple as said. Hope you will like it. This is tiny yet very useful feature for the user and Microsoft.

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