One Hour Guide to Make Your Internet Life More Secure

Technology concerned people often face security blemish in different software and web apps. Although, there are tons of protections available for making your account even more secure, but still users confront to numerous disputes that divulge all of their personal online properties.

Therefore, here is a decisive guide that will aid you to make your entire internet life more secure. When, you are a power internet user, there is nobody, who can explain you how to make your e-life secure in less than five minutes or ten minutes. That is impossible because every software can have different types of security flaws. That is why you ought to occupy at least one hour or more than that to find out what kind of issues users have already faced earlier and you have to do something to fix them.

Make Your PC & Mobile Secure

Lock PC and Mobile

To make your online properties more secure, at first, you have to make your PC secure. If you access your online accounts using your PC, anybody can get a glimpse if your PC is unencrypted. Therefore, at first, use a strong user account password on your PC that is quite difficult to guess. The same should be done on mobile and other tablets too where you use your various IDs. On mobile, you can use strong PIN, password or pattern lock instead of slide lock. You can also use different password managers. Click here to more.

Email Encryption

Although, there are many free yet very useful email services, i.e. Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail etc. but none of them offers email encryption. That means, if you have sent an confidential email to your friend, whose mobile or PC is not encrypted, third party people can easily check your email. That is the actual problem and where third party email encryption comes in. Here is a simple workaround for Google Chrome users that lets users send encrypted email over Gmail.


Anonymous Browsing

Your ISP can easily spy on you when your internet connection is not secure. On the other hand, almost all websites gather users’ information when you visit a website. That information contains your country, IP address, ISP details and more others. If you do not want to be tracked to provide a different information to those website administrators, simply use VPN. VPN will let you change your IP address as well as create a virtual private network for you to provide an additional security layer. By using VPN, you can also access various blocked websites. VPN apps are available on almost all platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, mac etc.

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Encrypt Cloud Storage

Lock Email

Cloud storage is awesome and works like a virtual hard drive. Even though, there are so many awesome cloud storage provides but you cannot find any of them, which provides encryption for accessing. Apart from the username and password, there is no way to encrypt your cloud storage accounts. That is where third party cloud storage encryption services come in. You can use Boxcrypter, SafeMonk, Cloud Fogger for Dropbox encryption. On the other hand, you can also enable two factor authentication on other cloud storage providers. For a detailed guide, head over to this link.

Secure Money Transfer

Lock Credit card

This is where the actual security comes in. You must have to check the website where you are making any payment. Check the URL very carefully because most of the people become a victim of phishing on internet money transaction websites. If anything is suspicious in the URL, just deny the payment. Use internet security kits such as Kaspersky Internet Security, Bitdefender Total Security etc. to make secure payments. They provide a 128-bit encrypted page what you can sue to make any online purchase.

Encrypt WiFi Router

Many novice people use router but they do not make that password protected. This is a big mistake that leads extra monthly bill. What people think is nothing will happen because my neighbors do not know that I have an open WiFi router. That is nothing but just foolish. Therefore, make your WiFi router password protected and don’t use any regular passwords such as password123 or qwerty123 or helloworld or your name etc.

Encrypt IM

IM means Instant Messenger, what needs to be encrypted. If you are using WhastApp on your mobile, your friend can use your WhastApp account and ruin that without any permission. To prevent them from doing such unwanted things, you can use various WhatsApp locker on Android. Unfortunately, there is no similar app for iOS, Windows Phone or any other platforms.

Instead of using or looking for any WhatsApp locker, you can also try Parental Control apps such as Android Parental Control, ParentKit and many more. The same thing can be done on Windows and Mac as well.

Bonus Tips

Here is a tricky way, what I am using to prevent others from accessing my Shared folder of PC. I know my PC has some shared folders but I cannot located them exactly. On the other hand, no body uses my PC except me. If you are at the same situation and want to prevent others in your network to explore your shared folders, here is a trick.

You know that whenever someone wants to browse your shared folders, he/she must have to enter your PC’s username and password. Now, here is the trick. If you think that your PC has not so many useful files and user password is an optional part, you can simply remove your password. [Please read the above written situation once more before removing your password.]

After that, Open Control Panel and navigate to the following options;

Network and Sharing Center >> Change Advanced sharing settings

Now, expand Home or Work and scroll down to the bottom. You will get HomeGroup Connections. Just select Use user accounts and passwords to connect to other computers and save your changes.

Homegroup Connection Settings

In this way, you can easily prevent others from connect their PC with yours and explore shared folders.

By the way, you can also use password manager apps to create strong password and get rid of headache to remember all of them. On the other hand, two-factor authentication also plays a vital role.

Bottom Line

You must have to spend some time to make your internet life more secure. If you spend only one hour, you might be a secured online property holder. But, if you do not spend that one hour to check your security weaknesses, you might lose all your properties very soon.

What do you think about online security? Should you be concerned?

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