Enjoy End-to-end Encrypted Video and Voice Chat Service Using MegaChat

In the world of cloud storage service, Mega catches it’s attention as it has been providing very secure file storage service via MegaUpload. Now, it adds another diamond to it’s crown. ‘MegaChat’ is a chat-service which uses end-to-end encryption technology to make audio and video calling more secure. By adding an extra layer of end-to-end encryption, MegaChat will going to be the trusted alternative of Skype.


Kim Doctom, the ever controversial character in the internet world, just has announced the release of MegaChat service. It is browser based voice and video chat service. All the security experts are now very conscious about using MegaChat. Because Mega’s security standard was not high enough during last year and it was criticized by experts when some security holes were found in Mega file upload service.

In spite of all, MegaChat is probably the best alternative of Skype and plenty of people will be there to find any sorts of vulnerabilities in MegaChat. Now MegaChat is in beta release and a user needs a free Mega account to access MegaChat service.

Just after the release, the encrypted voice and video call is only available publicly. Kim, text chat and video conferencing services are yet to be added.

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How to Use MegaChat as Video and Voice Chat


I have already mentioned that MegaChat is in beta version and to use MegaChat service, you just need to register or login to Mega with your account credentials.

You will find chat icon at the left pane.

Click the chat icon on the left toolbar to start the chat.

I have tried to use Mega Chat service, but unfortunately, I do not know anyone who has a Mega account. So, still now, I have no great experience with it. But there will be definitely a point of appreciation from Kim who will find out any flaws in this service.


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