Everything You Need to Know about WatchOS 2.0.1

Apple is slowly rolling out an update for iOS and Apple Watch users. iOS 9 users have got 9.1 update when WatchOS 2 users have received 2.0.1 update. Although, this is not a major system update yet this is quite useful for all the Apple Watch users since it has fixed several internal issues those were ruining the Apple Watch experience.

If you haven’t downloaded WatchOS 2.0.1, here are something you should know about this update. Obviously, you should install this update. But, before updating, check out this following list of fixes and new features.

This update has brought some minor new features those are totally optional from the point of usefulness. However, you will get some new emoji in this version of WatchOS. This is the only new feature or inclusion of WatchOS 2.0.1. However, there are some other fixes as well.

Everything You Need to Know about WatchOS 2.0.1

1] This update has fixed a major issue that cause software updates to stall. That means, if you try to install any software update on WatchOS 2, you may get some issues. However, from WatchOS 2.0.1, you won’t get that anymore.

2] Earlier some people claimed that Apple Watch has not a good battery life. However, they were partially true since there was a software problem, which is now solved with WatchOS 2.0.1. Going forward, you will get a better battery backup.

3] Some people also claimed that they faced some serious problems when trying to synchronize iOS calendar events to Apple Watch. Apple has successfully fixed it as well.

4] If you have used Apple Watch previously and got problems to update location services, then you are not alone. There are more other people, who have got this same issue and the solution is just launched.

5] There was a sensor related problem in Siri too that prevents people to getting exact result while measuring the heart rate. However, this problem is now vanished with this new update.

How to install WatchOS 2.0.1?

You can install the WatchOS 2.0.1 update from the Apple Watch application on iPhone. Just go to My Watch >> General >> Software Update and follow the daily routine to install this update. This is as simple as said.

Learn how to install WatchOS 2.


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